Professional Strength Teeth Whitening

Lab Processed Whitening Trays Patented Active Chlorine Dioxide Rinse

Teeth Whitening: Dental White & Pearly White

They are the world's first teeth whiteners available outside a dental office. Tested at leading dental universities and research centers, they use a patented, proven method for whitening teeth at home. The customizable mouth trays whiten all your upper or lower teeth at once with a 15% or 16% Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel. Dental White has sold over 7 million units and after a decade is still dispensed by dentists. It was recently revealed on the Oprah Winfrey Show as "The best kept secret..." Get the same professional teeth whitening previously only available from your dentist. Please see some Magazine Reviews.
Whitening Trays: Dental White Lab Processed Trays
Supervised by Dr. George himself, an internationally known cosmetic dentist who started the at home whitening craze back in the 1980s. The Lab Processed Whitening Tray System comes complete with everything you need to make the necessary impressions for your lab processed whitening trays. Get the same whitening trays as you would from a dentist at a fraction of the price. Along with your customized trays, you will receive one Dr. George's Dental White kits so you can start whitening your teeth right away using the boil 'n bite trays while waiting for your custom lab processed trays.
Fresh Breath: Dental White & Fresh
The world's first salt activated chlorine dioxide (CLO2) oral rinse/mouthwash for white teeth and fresh breath. Dental White & Fresh removes biofilm, volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), and kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Dental White & Fresh has been clinically proven effective by dentists nationwide and is refreshingly mint flavored, pH balanced, and alcohol free. Receive kissably fresh breath with Dental White & Fresh. Now available without a dentist's prescription!
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